Do you sell subscriptions to a subset of data?

Unfortunately, we are not able to create and sell subscriptions for subsets of our database. When purchasing our subscriptions you obtain access to the whole database. So,for example, a subscription with US data only or with Western Europe data only is not possible.

If you are looking for one-off custom data sets, please feel free to contact us to evaluate what's possible.

Do you offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions?

Unfortunately we do not offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions, we offer annual subscriptions only.

However, if you need more time to evaluate after your initial free trial has expired, please do contact us and we can always see if something can be arranged to meet your best interests. Additionally, depending on your needs and requirements we can potentially work together on a custom project to get you the data you need.

Can I change the account owner and subscription users?

Changing the account owner is complex and can be done only under certain conditions. If you would like to change the account owner of your subscription, please contact us on 

It is possible to change the users on a subscription. However, please be aware of our terms & conditions below.

Our terms and conditions state the following:

How do I add additional users to my subscription?

In case your needs exceed the number of users included in your subscription, the account owner (person who initiates the contract and processes the payment) can buy additional user seats Dashboard -> User management. Additionally, using this same interface, the account owner can assign users to open seats on the contract. Alternatively, you can contact ISVWorld and ask us to activate incremental users for a subscription.

Payment process and methods

Account activation: All accounts are activated automatically upon confirmation of the payment. As a result, payment by credit card is the fastest route to getting full online access since the activation code from our backoffice/payment provider will be sent directlly upon completion of the transaction.

Payment methods: All major credit cards as well as bank transfers are possible. Credit card payments are usually active within 24 hours, subscriptions through bank transfers will be activated once the payment has been received.

Why ISVWorld?

ISVWorld is the largest database of independent Software Vendors globally - currently covering 170,000 ISVs and continuing to grow.

We cover the well-known global multibillion software companies, but more importantly we also include the small, innovative and emerging companies and startups. In our tool you can find ISVs based on market segments, ecosystems, size, geographies and more. Additionally, you can also explore and export market statistics and contact information.

Read more about our mission and vision here.