ISVWorld & Marketing Service Providers

ISVWorld encourages clients to engage Marketing Service Providers (MSP) and we welcome Marketing Service Providers as clients as well. However, be aware that an additional MSP agreement needs to be signed in both cases as ISVWorld licenses explicitly prohibit reselling our data by an MSP in any form to any client other than the client identified on the MSP agreement.

ISVWorld and GDPR regulations

EU GDPR regulations brought many changes to marketing and sales strategies for companies focusing on EU prospects. Under GDPR, ISVWorld, as any other data provider, cannot obtain an opt-in for all our clients to reach out to contacts and prospects visible in our platform; our clients have the responsibility to get a specific opt-in just for their company. However, we did make a number of changes in our tool to "protect" our clients from reaching out to prospects in GDPR countries:

What if our company information is incorrect/incomplete in ISVWorld database?

All content in our data base is collected and generated automatically from a wide variety of sources. While it is our aim to have all company information as complete and accurate as possible, certain information (e.g., products, key people) is particularly hard to (a) make a clean extract for and (b) keep up to date. Other information is easier but remember our technology always has to make choices on which content best represents a certain software vendor.

What are Application Domains and Industries in ISVWorld?

Often in the software industry a distinction is being made between Industries, sometimes called verticals, and Application Domains, more often called horizontals, domains or application types. Application Domains usually offer functionality applicable across multiple industries, while Industries focus on suporting business processes in a specific industry or profession.

Examples of Application Domains: Human Resource Management, Security software, CRM software, Accounting Software.

What is an Ecosystem in ISVWorld?

The definition of ecosystem in Biology is: "An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system". In ISVWorld, and in ICT in general, we use the term "Ecosystem" to define a community of companies that in some form interact as a system. More specifically, we have two types of Ecosystems:

What is included in a company/contact export file?

When making a download the data is always received in a csv file. When downloading both company and contact information, you will receive them in two separate csv files (one for company and one for contact data).

A basic Company export file will contain the following information: Company name, Website URL, Address (Street, Zip code, City, Country), Company phone number, 3-5 main areas of activity, Size, Link to the full vendor profile @ISVWorld,Twitter and Facebook page link.

What is the difference between an online and an exported vendor profile?

Exported vendor profile contains the basic information about a company and you receive it in a csv. format for easy import into your CRM or other software (see more here).

Online profile contains much more information about the company (e.g. descriptions, industries, application types, ecosystems). Here you can also directly access individual contact information and find other companies similar to this one. See below examples of Online and Exported company profile.