ISVWorld and GDPR regulations

EU GDPR regulations brought many changes to marketing and sales strategies for companies focusing on EU prospects. Under GDPR, ISVWorld, as any other data provider, cannot obtain an opt-in for all our clients to reach out to contacts and prospects visible in our platform; our clients have the responsibility to get a specific opt-in just for their company. However, we did make a number of changes in our tool to "protect" our clients from reaching out to prospects in GDPR countries:

  1. GDPR and Inside Sales in ISVWorld
    For every Contact (name/title) that is being displayed in our tool - on the software vendor profile page that is usually used by Inside Sales Reps – you can see whether that person is in a geography impacted by GDPR. As such, a sales representative can always decide whether (s)he wants to spend credits on obtaining that contact information or not. So, ISVWorld is fully transparent.

  2. GDPR and Marketing in ISVWorld
    Similarly, in our bulk-marketing download page, there is an option prior to downloading to include/exclude contacts from geographies impacted by GDPR. This way you can avoid bulk campaigns going to contacts in GDPR-GEO’s

Finally, we do work with external service providers that have access to ISVWorld and can help our clients to get client-specific opt-ins.